in this toturial i will explanation about database of oracle i think oracle is familiar with us.if you want to make an applicatio i suggest you should to use database oracle because oracle is the best database for any job.and you can see that if you want to coding with oracle , i think that’s not diffucult but if we don’t want to learn that we can’t do that. ok ..

in this database i make three table and every table will be relation one to another table.
in this tutorial have five instruction
1.creat table
2.describe table
4.insert table
i use linux OS if you use window it’s not problem.that’s importaint you know about oracle.
from Login until make a database.
You can donwload in here. 


Analisa tabel Dieler Motor


Diterbitkan oleh


i need somebody for help me to make anything what i need

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